Kiss on my Head

from by Casey Connor

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everybody wants the same thing
to love the power of the long, cold lie
i'm no stronger than i once was
push me over just to hear me cry

we fit together like a bad plan
simple lessons like a fledgling bird
i got the message in a white light
forgot the energy that that inferred

all the memories of hot days
tall prarie grass and deer fly miles
lost your trail in the corn rows
still hear your laughter in the gold july

scared of nothing but a shadow
crawling out across the valley light
i'm only drinking what i'm offered
always hoping for a chance to fight

can you recommend a home team?
tear the place apart and bleach these bones
cause when i'm empty then i'm no good
i'll never see under your darkest stone

and now it's seven in the morning
and i must have missed your call
i guess i'm scared to see you lonely
i pulled the barrel from the waterfall

but i never wanted to change like that
given all of the slow hope that i've known
but when you're growing you don't look back
you just pack it up and go
would you forgive me if i said that?
put a kiss on my head
and say that i'm loved
no matter the crime
that i'm guilty of?

it's too much to ask
and i'd understand

i'm doing it anyway


from Shadows for Sundials, released October 16, 2014




Casey Connor Bellingham, Washington

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