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Shadows for Sundials

by Casey Connor

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Up North 03:55
everybody wants the same thing to love the power of the long, cold lie i'm no stronger than i once was push me over just to hear me cry we fit together like a bad plan simple lessons like a fledgling bird i got the message in a white light forgot the energy that that inferred all the memories of hot days tall prarie grass and deer fly miles lost your trail in the corn rows still hear your laughter in the gold july scared of nothing but a shadow crawling out across the valley light i'm only drinking what i'm offered always hoping for a chance to fight can you recommend a home team? tear the place apart and bleach these bones cause when i'm empty then i'm no good i'll never see under your darkest stone and now it's seven in the morning and i must have missed your call i guess i'm scared to see you lonely i pulled the barrel from the waterfall but i never wanted to change like that given all of the slow hope that i've known but when you're growing you don't look back you just pack it up and go would you forgive me if i said that? put a kiss on my head and say that i'm loved no matter the crime that i'm guilty of? it's too much to ask and i'd understand i'm doing it anyway
Entropy 04:16
i've been wasting energy all of my life holding down the entropy that we keep inside wondering about the treasure deep down in the bones have i got the marrow? blood in the stone? i'm not the antidote to my disease slipping down the slope whenever i please when the wind blows you could say it breathes in the caves down underground for the owl in the trees all the flesh and the blood that you thought you knew they got a machine that can see right through through to the dream: the full moon is drained ghosts picking up the shells to hear the sound of their names if you don't give up the ghost you're carrying inside let it be known matter of fact, you can take that literally can't you? hear it now, lonely one there's a saying where i am coming from: you can never be too strong i was immortal but not for long
i should have known better i should have rolled with it seized that moment like it was mine but i didn't know nothing always waiting on something so my heart aches for you, now all of the time and i want back in with it got one short life to live amber waving swallows playing a warm dry wind whispering in your dress you catch me drifting lost in something i'm just at the mercy of your sweet arrest and i try so hard to know should i hold it or watch it go? clock keeps ticking and i don't know what i'm missing i got a summer field of fevers that break by your hand you couldn't blindfold me now i'm seeing signs fully now read the lines on your face but i guess i'm ok i've come a long way maybe my day is sleeping in for now moonlight bathing and we're ok with it i hold your head in my hands here now, today in the one safe place i know it's as clear as i have been told
Albatross 04:19
how many battles passed till you betrayed me? blood-hot syrup twice blessed hairline cracks in the bones these were the veins of spiders and now here's a backwards blessing: you are the bright discovery tire skidding -- water wounds and your heart was but a bow for mine to break across and my blood traced the shape in your wake of a ghostly albatross Transoceanic never again the rest shall it know of the sweet nest of your arms sun glinted of the puddles his song stuck in my head and your hands to my heart you make as much sense as a cathedral you're watching the world through your stained glass turned your timbre on a lathe trained to strike -- moment's notice but you just do what you gotta do
In Gloria 06:23
born as a child with nothing to learn firefly in amber a stone that burns sprit to dust and matter to light tragedy's howling and i'm safe inside if i'm alone as i've been told i've no need for shelter or the baring of my soul eight hours a day i work for that love with a back old and broken keeping on the job i saw your star i heard your dream and i didn't touch nothing not offered up to me but you ran down the lie just to see what it was mother of millions trusts the telling of can you be still? will i be there? sow a little sorrow i'll harvest you my share the death of my heat a patch for the sail shadows for sundials the shell that held a snail my heart leapt to you like crossing a stream and the blood in the beating the forest evergreen i don't know love but i know what i like lost in the living listening for the light in gloria
Turning Moon 04:23
the turning moon and what she pulled one life away the waters toward the sky and the seaweeds' spawn you were born of the grit and the marsh risen like a gentle flag to cast your prayer back to the waves, the fire sun reach out for touch like a child reach out like the tendril of a pea vine you can hold on to me now and so we gathered to sing the leaving songs to float these leaves down a stream to mark the harvest why should i cry for the time taken? what was rightfully yours till your soul awakens back to the waves, the fire sun i'll understand it a little, by and by feet to the fire and my eyes up to the sky the pulling moon and what she turned bright hope to ashes water into wine for empty glasses why should i cry for the time taken? what was rightfully yours may our souls awaken back to the waves, the fire sun
Strasbourg 02:31
What it Is 05:46
little family sharing sage quiet moments silent song river rolling burning gas seeking solace kissing sugar nothing secret garden stories broken trophies you could not frame the name traveling traveling... always sleeping earthly dreaming mandolin singing so many songs come into my soul street sleeper quiet questions turn so soft bedroom becoming blossoms dropped too soon what it is
a place in the heavens don't see that anymore dragging my feet through the mud can you imagine that glittering shore? do you remember when you could? all we'll ever be is alone. call me a cold man but don't call anymore. i took what i wanted, like you said but i never promised any alms for the poor i can't even keep myself fed i never wanted any poison in me walking the line, back straight as a rod along come a monster... now, who could that be, catching the boss asleep on the job?
i was thrown from a building as a baby and i don't remember someone catching me but i suppose it musta happened people try to scare you off their lovin like a dare, or a tiny cry for help and i'd like to take you up on that offer yes i would how could something ever start so sweetly? like a candle softly lit -- i know my medicine when i see it and this ain't it now the novelty's not all that's gone nor the logic, nor the song i've been barking at my echo all along all along i was thrown form a building as a baby
Ostrich 03:03


released October 16, 2014




Casey Connor Bellingham, Washington

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